Cinema, Mobility and Landscape

8 Dec

Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later (2002)

PASSENGERFILMS is a new independent London-based film society. It aims to show ‘geographically interesting’ films, and to link the typologies of space and movement on screen to broader cultural structures. Screenings and talks will begin in 2011 and will include topics such as

1) Zombie space: plague narratives, land piracy and the end of the kinetic elite

2) Videographic space: the on-screen portrayal of geographies of cinema

3) Trade space: drugs, suitcases of money and cinematic trafficking

4) Disaster space: class, segregated mobility, and escape routes in disaster films

5) Counter space: the alternate road movie, nomadism, and mobilities of counterculture

6) Cyber space: the information age, virtual mobility and network society

7) Point of view space: handheld cameras and cinema motion sickness

For registering your interest, proposing a film or talk, or potential collaboration, please write to

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