Update on GERRY screening tomorrow

16 May

If you come along to our screening of Gus Van Sant’s beautiful GERRY tomorrow night (Tuesday 17th) at the Roxy, we’ve just been given three copies of Andrew R. Friedemann’s manual ‘Navigation Anyplace Wild’ to give away (see his navigation website), so come prepared to face a survival tips quiz by Andrew!

GERRY (2002) is a daring film about a hiking misadventure which leaves Matt Damon and Casey Affleck dehydrated and wandering in the American desert. With improvised dialogue, a minimalist soundtrack by Arvo Pärt, and plenty of long shots of grand, bleak landscapes. See trailer.

Liberty Rowley and Mark James will kick off the evening by talking about their collaborative project FourFeetFilms and the link it makes between walking and film-making, after which they’ll show a short film retracing the steps of the lost Syd Barrett.

A vast amount of human technology and skill was born out of the fear of being lost, and orienteering is designed to prevent this from happening. Yet it is also a great adventure to be lost, and to note this contrast we’ll have a reading from Rebecca Solnit’s ‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost’, given by cultural geographer Tim Cresswell. Aside from writing on film, Cresswell is the author of ‘The Tramp in America’; ‘Place: A Short Introduction’, ‘In Place / Out of Place: Geography, Ideology, and Transgression’; and ‘Mobilizing Place, Placing Mobility: The Politics of Representation in a Globalized World’. His website is here.

Finally, we will give out some preliminary copies of maps created by Alec Finlay and Ken Cockburn in the process of their year-long wandering project round Scotland, the road north, which came to an end two days ago.

Uploaders of the best song to the collaborative Spotify playlist will win a golden compass, below. Best song so far is the TV theme to ‘Land of the Lost’ – can anyone come up with something better?

Finally, just in case the disastrous happens and you get lost on the way to the cinema, you might like to know that the ehow ‘How to Survive Being Lost’ page recommends that you descend as low as possible, form an X with rocks, and resist the urge to drink your urine.

7.30pm, Roxy Bar & Screen, Borough High Street, £4.


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