Friday 20th May Eco-Horror party and DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS screening

18 May

Shortwave Cinema says they’re going to let all Passengerfilms fans have an amazing reduced rate at Friday’s eco-horror party. Everyone else is paying full price at cinema rates, but if you say you’re with us you pay anything between FREE and SUGGESTED DONATION £4. Amazing. So please bring all your leafy creepy friends for a horrible night in celebration of sprouting and germination.

At 9pm in the cinema bar we will have Triffid face-painting by Muna of Artistic Strokes, a huge Triffid cake designed by Cakes & Crunk, and bright green cocktails made by yours truly. You can have one for free if you come in a good eco-horror costume, so don’t forget the green paint.

Not only that, we’ll also have (real) carnivorous plants taking over the bar for the night, from Essex Carnivorous Plants, one of which is pictured below. We’ve been trying to feed them flies all afternoon. And we learned all sorts of things from the man we got them from, including that one of them is so terrifyingly evil it once had a small bird stuck in it. A wren. Which had to be rescued.

Plus we’ll have some rare images on display which were very kindly sent from the John Wyndham archive in Liverpool, and include some nasty botanical illustrations and the international book covers for Triffids, like the one above. Finally, screening at 10.30pm is Steve Sekely’s The Day of the Triffids (1962), the original film adaptation of Wyndham’s sci-fi horror.

This is the first night of the very first UK Green Film Festival, which is all Friday and weekend at Shortwave, and it’s all volunteer run, so come along and make a fuss about it. We even got mentions in the Guardian and the Independent. It’s going to be blooming (hur hur) brilliant.

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