23 May

Two of the most famous literary residents of Stoke Newington are Daniel Defoe, who owned a civet cat farm on Newington Green, and Edgar Allan Poe, of whom Walter Besant remarked ‘Let us hope the eccentricities of this wayward poet were not due to the influences of Nonconformist Newington’! Both of these men have strong links to Stoke Newington Church Street, where Poe went to school and where Defoe lived, so on Friday 3rd June, to celebrate the first night of the Stoke Newington Literary Festival, PASSENGERFILMS and Ryan’s Bar will be showing a weird collection of short films and animations based on both authors, including adaptations by Luis Bunuel, Webber and Watson, Jan Svankmajer, Roger Corman, Ted Parmelee, and the Van Beuren Studio. There will also be some music from the odd folk below.

Late license, DRESS CODE: MACABRE.
Misery Squid is the music of Jenny Anderson. Brutally honest lyrics sung by an incredible & most unique voice, accompanied by simple guitar lines, this will be Jenny’s first live show in over a year. Don’t wait another year to see her play! She is what is technically known as ‘a good lass’with music and that.

In her own words:
Misery Squid is an oily troublesome inky little squid that follows me about and makes me sad sometimes. It used to be songs written and recorded by me under the name ‘Catherine’s Cocoon’ but now I’ve got extra lovely musican friends who play live with me to pad out the sound a bit and cover my chord changes.

Poignant & beautifully crafted songs from the huge voice behind No Plato. A rare outing prior to No Plato’s hotly anticipated debut album.
Guns or Knives is one man, one guitar and various other noise making instruments. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes experimental but always on the money.


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