Monday 22nd August EDEN LAKE & Backwoods cinema

11 Jul

If you go down to the woods today…

As part of the Scala Forever season in August, PASSENGERFILMS is tackling backwoods cinema, with this screening of ‘Eden Lake’ (a violent ordeal set in a chav-infested quarry in a British forest, described by The Guardian as ‘relentlessly upsetting’) and Ben Rivers’ short film ‘This is My Land‘ (a hand-processed portrait of Jake Williams, who lives alone and self-sufficiently within miles of forest in Aberdeenshire, Scotland).

Speakers will include Carl Griffin, who works on the link between forestry and spaces of dissidence, Owain Jones, author of ‘Tree Cultures: the Place of Trees and Trees in Their Place’, and Judith Tsouvalis (tbc), author of ‘A Critical Geography of Britain’s State Forests’. We’ll be talking about the idyllic and the feral connotations of the British woodland on screen. Ben Rivers is hoping to come and introduce his film, and Stella Hockenhull is hoping to come and introduce ‘Eden Lake’, having written about it in her recent book, ‘Sublime Landscapes in Contemporary British Horror: The Last Great Wilderness and Eden Lake’.

Add to the collaborative playlist on the theme of ‘Backwoods’ to listen to your music on the night and be in with the chance of winning a prize, which will include the DVD of the 2003 live New Year’s episode of ‘Most Haunted!’, in which the TV crew get lost in Epping Forest in search of Dick Turpin’s ghost and have to be rescued by park rangers.

7.30pm, Monday 22nd August, Roxy Bar & Screen, London Bridge. Entry £6. This is part of the Scala Forever season, dedicated to London’s legendary lost cinema – for updates on the rest of the programme join their Facebook group or find them on Twitter (@scalaforever).


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