Thursday 13th December The End of the World is Nigh: DEEP IMPACT and Geographies of Disaster

27 Nov

With Christmas and the END OF THE WORLD on the horizon, Passengerfilms is here to help you prepare for both. At the Horse Hospital on the 13th of December we’ll be grappling with ‘disaster’ in various forms. Join us for an evening complete with raucous blockbuster, cult classics, a range of sage experts and, of course, festive mince pies. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll forget the impending yule-tide doom…

Our feature, Deep Impact (1998, 120 mins), stars Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Redgrave, and Morgan Freeman, who face a 7-mile wide comet hurtling towards the Earth, threatening mass extinction. A mainline to the mainstream ways in which Disaster props up particular social ideals, and nurtures themes of loss, hope, fear, and family strength.

Before this you get Time Enough at Last (1959, 25 mins)from the classic American television series The Twilight Zone. Burgess Meredith plays Henry Bemis, who finds himself alone with his beloved books after a nuclear war. Considered one of the most famous Twilight Zone episodes, it touches on issues about over-reliance on technology and the distinction between solitude and loneliness.

The evening will be introduced by co-curator Stephanie Morrice (Royal Holloway, University of London). Stephanie researches reconstruction and social response in the wake of natural disasters. She’ll be introducing her current project “Returning ‘Home’? Emotional Geographies of the disaster displaced” and talking about her exploration of these issues in post-flood Brisbane, Australia, post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand, and post-hurricane New Orleans.

Emily Candela (researcher and artist, Royal College of Art and the Science Museum) will be showing clips from her Disaster Series and discussing the how the cultural history and mythology of catastrophe twists through 19th century Romantic landscape painting to inform contemporary understandings of human relationships with our environment. And Dr. Camillo Boano (Senior Lecturer at Development Planning Unit, UCL, and one of the Co-Directors of the UCL Urban Lab) will speak on post-disaster practice and architecture. His research interests are focused on urban development, contested urbanism, socio-spatial dialectics, design and urban transformations, shelter and housing reconstruction in conflicted areas, divided cities and post-disaster environments.

Kicks off at 7:30pm, Thursday the 13th December, The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD (See map). Entry £5. Mince pies included!


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