Tuesday 20th January: The Art of Skating

10 Jan



Please join us for the start of the new Passenger Films 2015 schedule. We start off with an evening of film and discussion featuring the acclaimed documentary, Beautiful Losers (2008) and other short skateboarding films.

Drawing on the subversive and anti-establishment ethos of skateboarding, the film speaks to the ways in which alternative creative subcultures can become mainstream art; but also the conflicts, tensions and issues that can arise because of the perceived ‘institutionalisation’.

There will be a post-screening discussion involving Prof. Iain Borden (Bartlett School, UCL), author of ‘Skateboarding in the City’, Marc Valée, a documentary photographer whose work explores the tension between public and private space in the context of contemporary youth culture, Sabina Andron (Bartlett School, UCL) a photographer and street art researcher and Dr. Harriet Hawkins (Geography Department, Royal Holloway), author of ‘For Creative Geographies’. The panellists will use the film(s) as a starting point to discuss the broader issues of subversive creativity and its role in challenging, subverting or indeed formulating more mainstream views of art.

The event kicks off at 7pm, Tuesday 20th of January, Jetlag Bar, 125 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, W1t 6QB (see map). Tickets are available for £5.00 on the door.

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  1. simoniancook January 11, 2015 at 12:45 pm #

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    I am very excited to be part of the team for Passengerfilms this year. I have mentioned Passengerfilms before and we describe ourselves as ‘The car-crash of cinema and geography’, we bring contemporary topics in geography to the public forum through a night of film and discussion. After a short hiatus, we are back with a great programme for 2015 that all begins on the 20th January with ‘The Art of Skating’.

    The blurb for the event is below so do come and join us for what will be a great event.

  2. South East London Film Clubs January 11, 2015 at 7:51 pm #

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